Energy Bills Explained

There are 2 main categories of power bills – Standard tariffs and Contestable

Standard tariff is usually for a small business, and depending on where you are, you might pay 20-36c for power. Perhaps you negotiate a 12% discount off this amount. Your bulk of your bill will be per kWh usage charges, and there will also be some daily charges. Often there are lower rates for off-peak (or Controlled Load) usage as well. They can be half as much as a Peak tariff. In some time-of-use scenarios there are Peak, Shoulder and Off Peak.

Contestable is for larger businesses with higher usage (usually 500+kWh a day). Once you move into this new category (eligibility varies based on geography and who owns the grid), you can negotiate a rate with a power company or engage a broker to do this for you. Your overall expenditure may be similar or less than before. It gets more complicated though, you will have a base energy charge, a distribution or network charge, and several smaller charges (SRES, NSW ESS, LRET, Carbon Charge etc).

We can help you understand and analyse your power bills, and work out how you can optimise your savings.

Our specialist team is also across the various government relief options available and we can work with you to help reduce your energy costs over the coming years.