Voltage Power Optimisation

Voltage Power Optimisation – Why You Need It

Buildings are generally supplied with voltage much higher than the 220V most electrical equipment runs at.
As a result, your buildings use more electricity than they actually need.

Without VPO, you could be paying for up to 20% more electricity than you actually need. This also means you would be emitting up to 15% more CO2 than necessary.

VPO unitVPO equipment brings your site’s voltage down to 220V, which is the optimum operating level for most plant and equipment. In doing so, it simultaneously corrects the problem of over-voltage on the supply network and improves the quality of power entering your building.

We supply and install top quality (powerPerfector) units – these units are  manufactured from ultra-high-purity materials and are designed specifically for energy efficiency and power conditioning. They have no moving parts and are maintenance-free, with a life span of 50 years+.

Being so efficient, powerPerfector units do not require cooling and run barely above room temperature.

VPO Benefits:

  • improved integrity of your supply
  • extended lifespan or your equipment
  • energy efficient site
  • financial, energy and carbon savings

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